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We have a wide variety of very large specimen plants. However, we also carry smaller sized plants and are at the beginning stages of selling seeds from our stock plants. We have a $350. minimum order and we sell wholesale only. We are not open to the public. Please have your resale information available in order to purchase plants and seeds.

Dracaena Dracos/Euphorbias

We specialize in Dracaena Dracos. They are a Gorgeous Sculptural Addition to Any Environment.

Our Euphorbias, many of them large specimens, and others smaller to fit your needs are fast growers compared to some other cacti, and their drought tolerance makes them very easy care.

Cacti/Succulents/Other Plants

 We have an incredible variety of plants in varying sizes of 2 and 1/4" plants to huge, boxed specimens available for your needs. Many plants including rare plants that we have in smaller quantities are not displayed here. That's why it's a good idea to call if you are a wholesale buyer.

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